Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Until yesterday, I had not truly experienced culture shock. I think it all really sunk in while we spent a quiet night watching TV. That’s right, on Halloween. No huge parties, no ridiculous costumes, no big bags of candy, no fun at all.

About a month ago, everything seemed normal: there were pumpkins on sale at the grocery store. I began to plan my trips to the Salvation Army to find costume material.

Then, on October 13 (not a typo), they celebrated ”Halloween.” From 5-8pm, children wandered up and down the main street, completing a scavenger hunt at local businesses (the strangest was pumpkin carving at the funeral parlour). There was no candy, no “trick-or treats” and few costumes (those who did wear costumes wore a cape and a pointed hat – either a witch or wizard).

For the next few days, there were pumpkins on some doorsteps, but they were discarded long before the 31st. So that was it, and yesterday night, we just watched TV and “celebrated” Halloween with pumpkin curry.

In memoriam of my Halloweens of Yore, I have set up a photo tribute.

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