Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now that our trip is over...

I can’t believe that it’s already been two months since we’ve been back from our trip. Since then, however, a ton has happened. We went back to Ontario for a quick whirlwind trip, going to a friend's wedding and visiting friends and family. Afterwards, we moved to Holland, where Anthony had a contract to start as a consultant with a renewable energies company. I am still looking for work as a consultant, but the job hunting/interviewing process is slow…Our current apartment (hhrrmm, room in the attic of our landlords house) isn’t ideal but we’ve got our own place due to start June 1st. The nice thing is that spring is in full swing, so we don’t really spend much time at home on the weekends anyway.

Despite a few start up “pains”, we like life in Holland. The city of Utrecht is really quaint, yet there’s plenty to do. Just this past weekend we were running with a Greek friend of ours from Anthony’s work and we spontaneously decided to rent an old wooden row boat for the afternoon. So we spent an unseasonably warm spring day navigating the canals within the city.

Hopefully the weather will keep up and we’ll have an awesome summer in Utrecht! So if anyone of you in the area (i.e. Holland, Western Europe), drop us a line (crockford@gmail.com) and we should meet up.