Friday, March 02, 2012

Checking Things Off Our List

We haven't posted anything for a while mostly because we didn't have much (positive) progress on our trip planning. Until this week we hadn't sorted what exactly we were going to do with our apartment.

When we got permission from our landlord to sublet our place, we assumed that it would be super easy to find someone. Our apartment has a ton of things going for it namely, location, location, location not to mention its relatively big size (for a Dutch apartment). But after weeks of posting and reposting ads on various roomfinding websites and classified websites we still had no good leads. Would we find someone? Or would we have to give up our apartment, put all of our stuff in storage and then have to go through the ever laborious task of finding a new place when we got back? Well after changing our tactics slightly, we have signed contracts with subletters!

Now we can finally get back to actual trip planning and fun things like buying the last bit of gear!