Monday, October 31, 2005

The pull-out couch passes the test!

Two weekends ago, Maral (a friend from Queen's) visited us! She's doing her masters at KTH in Stockholm so she thought she'd come to visit and see København. Anthony and I had done some sightseeing and exploring in København in the last two months but we definitely saw a lot of new things with Maral.

We spent about 6 hours doing a walking tour of København on the Saturday, starting off at the little mermaid statue and ending up in Christiania. In Christiania we saw a lot of things that we hadn't seen before. We went in to an art gallery, saw a few shops we'd never seen and walked around a residential area that had really unique architecture. At the end of our tour (after we ate our what we considered obligatory Christiania falafels and 'dromkager'/'chokoladekager' we ended up sitting around a bonfire talking to a very friendly, drunk Christianite. We then headed to Nørreport station to meet up with a bunch of RUC friends. We ended up going to this quaint pub called The Elephant and the Mouse, but the three of us were exhausted after a long day of walking and left before 11.

The next day we decided to tour the Carlsberg brewery. Since Maral didn't have her bike with her our trip involved some sketchy doubling up on bikes (which is a 500 kr fine if you're caught). This was especially interesting since we only ended up getting to the end-of-tour bar at 3:30 (they close at 4:00). With two drinks each and annoyed bartenders demanding that we leave we ended polishing off our drinks in about 10 minutes (we spent some time taking pictures of the beer). I think we were actually the very last patrons to leave. The bike ride back downtown was interesting nonetheless (try chugging beer on a Sunday afternoon and then riding double on a bike). At least we didn't have to cycle all the way uphill back to Gentofte (I had my monthly train pass so Anthony and Maral cycled home).

I definitely a fun weekend! On Monday and Tuesday and Anthony and I had school so Maral did some touring around on her own. Tuesday evening Maral left to go back to Stockholm.

So...ya...the couch works so if any of you are in the area you have a place to sleep. (There are new photos of Christiania and Copenhagen).

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