Sunday, October 15, 2006

August to October (The Lost Chapters 2)

If anyone still checks this site, they might have noticed we haven't posted a single blog in the last two-and-a-half months. We might tell you we've been very busy with school, or that that nothing interesting has happened recently, or that we had a serious case of writer's block. But those would all be lies.

In fact, we haven't written anything for two reasons:
  1. After a year in Denmark, things have stopped being quite so new and exciting. We're getting used to Danish life (and weather). We're beginning to accept the high prices, lack of friendliness and foreign language. We're settling in...
  2. We're lazy.

Anthony has a particularly easy semester, so he has found a job. From 11pm-1am (Monday to Friday mornings), Anthony delivers newspapers in the local area. This isn't always the best experience (especially in the rain), but it has its benefits: two hours of quiet exercise and a whopping 35$/hour!

With this newfound wealth, we’ve decided to take a few weekend excursions. Two weeks ago, we visited friends in Munich and next weekend, we’re headed to Berlin. Anthony also bought himself a new digital camera and so we’ve got a lot of photos!

To check out where we’ve been, check out our “Travels Blog.”