What we're eating...

One of the questions that we're most frequently asked  is:
 "How will we eat vegan on the road?"

We're mostly cooking at the campsite with occasional restaurant meals. Despite the limitations of two pots, a single burner and a small pantry, we're eating a fairly varied menu. It's definitely more than just pasta...

Here's just a sample of what we eat (to be updated periodically):

 Couscous with aubergine, mushroom, white bean and tomato stew

 Bruschetta, grilled veg, olives and grilled veg pizzas (Lake Shkoder Resort restaurant)
 Polenta rancheros (chili bean sauce served with a dolop of polenta)

 Wild blueberry pancakes

 Homemade green pea burgers with diner home fries (the store in Zabljak didn't sell tinned beans for the burgers, hence the green peas...)

  Zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and bean stew with couscous

Zucchini, Swiss chard and bell pepper chili with bread

 Grilled zucchini, roasted potatoes, hummus, salad & bread (at Rinke and Slavko's place)

 Quinoa & fig with grilled veg, gazpacho & a huge salad (Nishta restaurant, Dubrovnik)

Pasta with cream sauce & Swiss chard

 Homemade veggie burger, potatoes & salad

 Bell pepper, carrot, zucchini and cashew stirfry

 Bucatini pasta with tomato and cauliflower

 Warm potato salad with green beans, kidney beans and grilled zucchini

 Mushroom, Swiss chard, and tomato curry with couscous

 White bean, fennel & tomato sauce served over potatoes

 Oatmeal on top of Mount Zavizan

 Cabbage, pepper and carrot stirfry with brown rice

 Quinoa burgers (store bought) with potatoes & salad
 Kidney bean and corn fajitas

 Spiral pasta with Swiss chard and tomato sauce

Zucchini, pepper and aubergine curry with rice

 Okonomiyaki with pepper, green onion, zucchini & smoked tofu

Pepper, mushroom, carrot & cashew stirfry served with couscous and washed down with Radlers!

 Triangular lunch sandwich!

Vegan apfelstrudel (top) and vegan crêpes with nougat cream (bottom) 
(Rupp's Vegetarisches Pub in Vienna)

Veggie burger and veggie Wiener schnitzel
(Rupp's Vegetarisches Pub in Vienna)

Combination platter for two (mango curry, rice, stir-fried vegetables and veg chicken)
(at Chinese veg restaurant in Vienna)

Mixed pasta (fusilli and farfalle) with asparagus and bell pepper in a cream sauce

Sandwich with Italian spread, tomato and lettuce on triangular carrot/sunflower bread (lunch)

Pancakes with strawberries

 Nachos with guacamole, salsa and bean dip served with salad

Veggie burgers, chips and salad

Kidney bean and chickpea salad with cucumber and tomatoes
(improvised lunch at a park bench)

Morning porridge with apple, cinnamon and raisins

Thai curry with cauliflower, carrots and tofu with rice

Fusilli with cauliflower and mushrooms in a cream sauce

Veggie stars with stir-fried asparagus and zucchini and boiled potatoes

Seitan steaks with a dark beer sauce, potato knödel and mixed vegetables 
(Kaffe Dada veg restaurant in Regensburg)

Seitan cutlets, fries and salad served with BBQ and garlic sauces 
(Kaffe Dada veg restaurant in Regensburg)

White bean and spinach Indian curry with rice

Veggie sausage with boiled potatoes, broad beans and stir-fried baby asparagus

Moroccan couscous with broccoli, bell pepper and mushrooms with apricots, raisins and pistachios 

Gnocchi with aubergine arrabiata sauce with baguette

 Mushrooms, potato green bean and kidney bean stew in a tomato sauce with German bread

 Pizza with aubergine, bell pepper and artichoke 
(Anthony's birthday meal in campsite restaurant)  

German bakery breakfast (Anthony's birthday)

Farfalle with broccoli and asparagus in a tomato sauce

Stir-fry with broccoli, asparagus and cashews with couscous

 Coconut curry with mushrooms and broccoli on couscous

Veggie gyros with pitas, roasted vegetable spread and salad

 Spaghetti with tomato coconut sauce 
(with Warmshowers hosts Benny and Mandy in Essen, Germany)

 Bean fajitas with avocado, tomato, lettuce and salsa

 Penne with chickpeas and spinach in a tomato sauce


Alex said...

Remember how when we were staying in the small village of Ramsen where my mom is from, and `vegan' was a rather foreign concept (well, to my great aunt whom we were staxing with anyway)? Well, turns out one of the 'major' industries in town (which is still of course very small, but as you know, even the smallest German village has an industry) specializes in tofu, lupin and seitan products, exporting all across Europe... and was profiled in the local newspaper three weeks after our visit. Let me know if you've heard of 'tofu und mehr / albert hess gmbh' or come across their yellow and green packaged products on your travels.

Nanda Affonso said...

Very impressive variety of meals!

Take care, Nanda.