Tuesday, September 20, 2005


We experience sticker shock every time we go shopping. For one thing, 1$ = 5Kr, so all prices seem ridiculous (15Kr for a loaf of bread, 50Kr for a block of cheese). Secondly, there is a 25% tax included in all prices. Thirdly, minimum wage in Denmark is 100Kr/hr (that’s right, 20$/hr), so Danes think a pizza for 50Kr is a bargain…

There are a couple exceptions to the high prices:

  • Beer. It can be bought in student bars for 20Kr/pint (for Carlsberg or Tuborg, and the tip is already included). Or, a bottle can be bought in the supermarket for about 5Kr (for real beer) or 2Kr (for the cheap stuff).
  • IKEA. It is the only big-box store in Denmark (the equivalent of WalMart). You can get an extension cord for 5Kr, or a down-filled duvet cover for 75Kr (in almost any other store, you can’t buy a plain white t-shirt for 75Kr). We live within a 30 minute walk from IKEA, and we’ve already been about five times so far.

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