Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My classes

The most surprising thing about my classes is that I’m actually going to them. In the past month, I’ve only missed one class (I haven’t had this kind of dedication since first year). Of course, it makes a difference that I get to choose all of classes, so I’m actually interested in all of them for a change.

Also, each course has only one class per week. It is four hours long, but it means there is less traveling back and forth to school, and less temptation to skip. Most often, there is 1-2 hours of lectures (with some breaks) and then 2-3 hours of group exercises. It really sucks though when the prof decides to have four hours of lecturing (like my Friday morning class).

There are no weekly assignments; my marks are either based on a final project or entirely on the final exam. So, we’ll have to see how long I keep up this whole “attendance” thing, especially once it starts to rain.

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