Friday, September 16, 2005


Unlike Canada, each Danish university specializes in a different area. The Copenhagen Business School is for commies. The University of Copenhagen teaches ArtSci classes. My school, DTU, is the engineering/science university, which means it’s the nerdiest school in Denmark.

As such, the campus is even laid out in a nerdy way. The campus is divided into quadrants (like you learned about in math class). Then buildings are numbered based on their quadrant and their distance from the centre. Disciplines of study were then assigned to each quadrant ( 1-physics, 2-chemistry, 3-electrical/computers, 4-civil/mechanical). As if that’s not nerdy enough, the side streets are all named after scientific terms. Usually, it indicates the topics of study in the area (for instance, my Electric Circuits class is on Elektrovej).

I’ve uploaded a map of DTU and some pictures of the different street signs to the DTU folder in our photos.

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