Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My bike

Our landlord has given me a bike to get to school. It is an “all-steel” construction, with one gear and a big comfy seat. It takes about 20 minutes to cover the 4km to school. But it’s a good thing that it’s not too speedy because it has back-pedal brakes and it stops slowly. Like most Danish bikes, it is built for comfort and practical use everyday, not to look cool. The full splash-guards, chain guard, kick stand and “cruiser” style would probably be mocked in Canada, but here it’s what everyone uses (most people also have a basket on the front handle bars).

You can find some photos of my bike in our photos

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Mel said...

Hi Marieke & Anthony
Great website-lot's of info on your life in Denmark.
I have been trying to post a comment but it does seem to work.Hopefully you will get this one.
Marieke I took the same picture of Mom at New Harbour(english translation I think) in 1978 when we were on our honeymoon in Copenhagen.

Bye for now,