Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Our Town

The town we live in, Gentofte, is pretty cute. It has all basic amenities plus it's only a 15 minute bike ride to school for Anthony and a 5 minute walk to the train station for me. My school is 30km from København (Copenhagen) so it'll be about a 50 minute commute to school by train for me each way. Yesterday we rode our bikes to downtown København to get some ethnic groceries (Danish grocery stores are definitely not as multicultural as we're used to) and to go to Christinia. It was only a 30 minute bike ride each way along the bike paths that follow ALL the roads. For those of you who have never been to the Netherlands or Denmark, these bike paths are amazing. They are separate asphalt strips that lie between the road and the sidewalk, plus there are entire sets of traffic lights just for bikes. They definitely put the Canadian so-called bike paths to shame.

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