Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Our Apartment

Besides the language barrier, we're having an awesome time. We couldn't have lucked out more with out apartment. First off, it's absolutely humungous! It's 140m2 (or about 1500 ft2 for those who can't visualize metric area) , despite the fact that we share it with an 18 year-old Danish girl named Frederikke (who is super nice and very mature for her age). As it turns out the apartment used to belong to Frederikke's grandmother. Frederikke was supposed to eventually inherit the apartment but her grandmother passed away this past year. Frederikke is still in high school, so she's only living in the apartment part-time (so we pretty much have our own apartment - something that's hard to come by in Denmark!). Her parents have been wonderful. The apartment came only partially furnished, so we expected to have to buy a bed. It turned out that the family not only had a futon for us, but a computer monitor and spare bikes (which are a necessity in Denmark).

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