Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a difference 10 degrees makes...

Over a couple days, our trip dynamic has changed dramatically. For most of our trip, we've had a slow start to the day while we wait for the condensation on the tent to dry and we've been stopping for cover whenever it rains.

But the temperatures on the coast of Croatia are at least 10°C warmer (daytime high of 34°C), so now the focus is on staying cool. We get up at dawn and aim to leave the campsite before 7:30, and find shade in the early afternoon for a long siesta. The days are long and sweaty, but we can usually cool off with a swim in the evening.

Even at these temperatures, we managed to climb our tallest mountain yet (1600 m up from the sea), so we're feeling good about managing the heat still to come.

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