Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain started its relentless attack shortly after we arrived in Slovenia. We awoke one morning to heavy rains that trapped us at the campsite all day.

Thinking we could outrun him, we jumped on the train to cover 400 km to northwest Slovenia. But Rain followed us. No sooner had we stepped off the train than the drops started falling. We quickly threw up our tent and clambered inside.

And for three straight days, Rain lay siege to our tent. He threw everything at us - constant rain, thunder, lightning, hail. But we stayed dry in our tent - playing games, reading, eating, and even watching tv and surfing the web.

Finally, Rain gave up. As we got up this morning, the clouds were gone and it was a sunny day. We immediately set off for a hike up the side of a nearby mountain. The path was steep and tricky, but the views of the green lake below were breathtaking.

But as we reached the summit of our hike, we realised that something was wrong. Rain hadn't given up. He was hiding on the other side of the mountains. It was a trap. We had been lured out of our safe tent.

As the clouds filled the skies, we hurriedly descended the switchback path. But not fast enough. Out in the open, we had no protection from the assualt of thundershowers and hail. By the time we made it back to the trailhead, we were soaked to the bone.

We've made it back to the protection of our tent, and I'm not sure when we'll next venture out.


Nanda Affonso said...
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Nanda Affonso said...

Don't give up!

Looking forward to the next read!!

Kisses, Nanda