Monday, June 25, 2012

The coolest little campsite!

We just stayed at the coolest little campsite – for tents only! The sites are on a steep terraced slope down to the beach. Each spot has an area for a tent, and above it has an concrete balcony sheltered by vines, for meals and lounging. We went for a swim in the small bay below the campsite, and finished the day at the beachside bar.

We’re so happy to have found this little gem, and to have had many other enjoyable experiences in Croatia. After the ‘undiscovered’ feel of Slovenia, we had prepared ourselves for masses of tourists headed to the coast. We pictured large resort hotels with towns taken over by entirely German or British (etc) crowds, as you tend to find elsewhere on the Mediterranean.

Instead, there have been lots of family-run local apartments and rooms for rent, and the tourists on the beaches are a mix – Western Europeans, but also lots of locals, and from all around the Balkans.

Even at the tourist hotspots – like these amazing Krka waterfalls – we don’t feel overrun, and you can find some space for yourself.

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