Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After almost a month on the road, we found ourselves (quite to our surprise) biking past the familiar buildings of Copenhagen. We were surely in Nørrebro and this must be the Strøget shopping street.

But then, we passed this royal palace we'd previously visited in Rome? Or maybe it was in Paris?

But we must trust our maps: this is Vienna. It's a beautiful city filled with grandiose architecture ('Baroque' I guess you'd call it), wide boulevards and a confusing system of bike paths and pedestrian sidewalks.

Truly distinguishing this city from other European capitals are a few buildings designed by the Viennese architect Hundertwasser:

Hundertwasserhaus. Some apartments have "tree tenants" who "pay their rent in much more valuable currency than humans."

Toilets at KunstHausWien (art gallery). The floors are uneven on purpose since "the straight line is godless."

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