Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trip Statistics

Today is Day 151 of our trip (the last day)! Here are some other statistics about our trip (for our nerdier friends)...

Distance covered overland from Copenhagen to Delhi: 27,000km
Time spent in-transit (overland): 512 hours (21 days)
Average speed: 52 km/h

Inter-city transportation
5 day trains, 16 night trains (mostly in India), 23 day buses (most in Nepal), 3 night buses (only in Europe)

Inner-city transportation
Public bus (too many to count), metro (in 4 cities), mini-bus (in 3 cities), tram (1), tempo (2), taxi (6), shared jeep (3), private car (2), tour bus (1), auto rickshaws (6), cycle rickshaws (2), motorcycle (1), bicycle (3), row boat (1), ferry (1), camel (1) and walking (everywhere)

Hostels (37 nights - in Europe and China), hotels (59 - in Nepal and India), night trains (22), night buses (3), friend's houses (10), ashrams (4), monastery/nunnery (3) and in the desert (1)

222 in total: 12 in Europe, 70 in China, 40 in Nepal and 100 in India

Budget (per person)
$40/day in Europe (including Russia), $30/day in China (including Tibet), and $20/day in Nepal and India

Maximum temperature: 22°C (in northern India)
Minimum temperature: -15°C (in Tibet)
Number of times we did laundry ourselves: 6
Number of times we did our own dishes: 40
Number of mosquito bites: 10 (approx)
Number of outbreaks of food poisoning: 4 (Marieke: 3, Anthony: 1)

Yes, we know we're nerds.

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