Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Hindu pilgrims head to Pushkar for a dip in the holy lake and to visit on the only temples to Lord Brahma the creator. However, even more hippies now head there to "get away from India." It is a small town, with plenty of cheap guesthouses and restaurants serving "multicuisine" and nutella-mars-bar-pancakes. It was a great place to visit for a couple days, to sit back and do nothing (and eat nutella-mars-bar-pancakes!)

However, we couldn't settle in (like many of the hardcore hippies do) and we were glad to be moving on. At least until our train was three hours late - meaning we missed our connection, almost stranding us in (hellish) Jaipur again, and so forcing us to detour to Delhi. But hey, only one unexpected detour in India - not bad...

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