Friday, October 12, 2007

Trans-Siberian Railway

Tonight, we embark on a 9,000 km, 6-day, 7-night train journey from Moscow to Beijing. Our train is called the Trans-Manchurian and follows the route below. It's not technically the longest scheduled train ride in the world, but it's close (it's 300 km more from Moscow to Vladivostok). We should have plenty of stories to tell, but we'll be out of contact for the next week. If you're interested, we've posted some photos on Picasa from our travels so far.

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Gatis said...

Dudes, great blog and pisctures! I had a hard time recognising places in Latvia, but now that I've seen them I officially know that you have visited the baddest country in the EU. If you happen to stop in Perm, go to the vodka shop or rather exchange office where they have a huge billboard with brands of vodka and they only change price tags once a day, i.e. the customer can exchange their unstable Russian money for hard vodka currency!

..not much new here, I have finally started my thesis, and I'm going home for 2 weeks on Tuesday! !!!GREAT SUCCESS!!!

Take care, hopefully see you in the Lowlands sometime next spring..