Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prague and Český Krumlov

So...Our first blog entry...Where to start? We left Copenhagen on Sunday (September 16th) at 11pm by bus after a crazy week of defending our thesis projects, packing, and generally just moving out of our place in Denmark.

First stop: Prague. We spent a couple of nights at an incredibly hospitable hostel (run by some Czech ladies who kind of act like pseudo moms) just outside of the city. We ended up doing a guided Prague city tour and mostly just walked around the city and hung out at our hostel attempting to recover from the last crazy week in Denmark. The guided city tour was average, taking us through some of the classic sites (overun by tourists) as well as off the back-beatened trail, in horrible rainy weather.

On Wednesday morning (yesterday), the weather improved and we headed off to Český Krumlov - a highly recommended backpacker's haven. Our hostel is full of fun and friendly travelers and we had a great night of beer, Settlers of Catan and dinner at a locals pub.

Today, we've visited the castle, and generally been awed by the medieval feel of the town. It's so relaxing and beautiful and there are plentiful bike trails and rafting possibilities. We're sad to leave so soon, but early tomorrow, we'll be headed to Poland - in a mad dash to Latvia by next Friday.

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astjohn said...

I'm jealous. When I was in Europe, I didn't get the chance to see Czech.

I already told Anthony, but Tara and I are doing something similar starting in Nov. We'll mostly be in South East Asia though. If you guys end up dipping a bit south towards the end of your trip and end up in Thailand, let us know!
(we're not using it fully just yet)