Monday, April 10, 2006

Springtime in Denmark

Spring has arrived and we have had two weeks of almost constant rain. As we talked to some friends back home, we started getting nostalgic for our days at Queen’s (and in Canada in general).

We miss living close to all our friends. We miss the diversity of a multicultural country. Anthony misses the blue skies and mountains of Alberta. We miss student clubs, and student bars. Marieke misses recycling (and hates that Danes wear fur). We wish we knew any of our neighbours or at least that they would smile once in a while.

Then, just as we’re starting to feel homesick, the skies cleared and the sun came out (literally). Suddenly, Denmark didn’t seem so bad and we realized that we’re really enjoying ourselves here. We both really like our university programs and we love our apartment. We’re having fun learning Danish. We get to bike everywhere, and the public transit is so good you really don’t need a car. The grocery stores sell tons of organic food, and super cheap beer. We get lots of holiday time, and are planning many trips. We’re loving it.

Speaking of trips, I’m off to England for a week to visit some relatives. Marieke will be staying here to work on her first-year thesis, so if you’re procrastinating, give her a call (with Skype, it’s only 4 cents/min). Her mobile number is +45 60 62 74 35.

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