Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Time for a Vacation

If there's anyone out there who regularly checks this site, you may have noticed that there haven't been many posts recently. This is not because we are in hiding until the uproar over Danish cartoons dies down. We've just been busy.
The Danish have a different school year than Canada, divided into four semesters: Fall (Sept - Dec), Winter (Jan), Spring (Feb - May) and Summer (June). The Fall and Spring semesters are similar to those in Canada, with about 5 courses lasting 13 weeks and then exams. In January and June, students can take an "accelerated" course. The courses are only three weeks long, and usually involve lots of labs and project work.
In Canada, we were used to a Reading Week in February, but classes are just starting here. There will be a week's holiday for Easter, but that wasn't soon enough for us. So, we've decided to ignore school for a week and vacation in Italy.
Plus, there's a few sporting events we wanted to see there. If you happen to be watching CBC, keep an eye on the Canadian fans at the Canada vs. Germany hockey game on Thursday and the women's Freestyle Aerials on Sunday. We'll post more when we get back.

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