Friday, February 17, 2006

Reading Week 2006 – Day 6

After dinner the previous night we caught a train to Venice, spending the night in a campsite/hostel/cabin. In the morning we took the train into Venice. Anyway, what a gorgeous city! You sort of have this picture in your head as to what you think it looks like. I never thought the buildings would be quite so beautiful, the canals so blue (beautiful but in a kind of eerie, “how could they be so blue” kind of way) or the streets so quaint. We spent from about noon until six, losing ourselves in the city. Among other things we saw Piazzo San Marco, Basilica San Marco not to mention the dozens of costumed people walking around for Carnivale. Needless to say we also enjoyed some surprisingly cheap pizza (by the slice) and a Kono (like an ice cream cone, of pizza!).

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