Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reading Week 2006 – Day 1

Having only planned this trip two months ago, we had found that all reasonably priced accommodation in Torino was completely booked. Several people chose to stay in Milan (an hour and a half away by train) and commute daily, but we found a cheaper option.

We found a small campground in the mountains that was open year-round. When we first emailed them, they pointed out that they were primarily open to RVs and that it would be much too cold to camp. But we figured, how cold could Italy really be? Besides, we’re Canadians and we’ve camped in real winters before.

So, when we arrived in the mountains and found that the temperature was 10°C, we were feeling pretty smug. How could they possibly be holding Winter Olympics in weather like this? We weren’t feeling quite so confident though, when we found out that this warm weather meant that our campsite was flooded. We managed to find a couple of slightly elevated spots that weren’t soaked and set up our tents.

We had to hurry, since we had tickets to see the Canada vs. Germany men’s hockey game that night. The Palasport Olympico is quite a small arena, so we had a great view from our seats in the “nose bleeds” behind the net. The seats were far from full, but it was great to see that the Canadian fans vastly outnumbered the Germans. A large majority of the fans appeared to be Italians, but they still happily cheered and waved Canadian flags every time Canada scored (final score: Canada 5 – Germany 1).

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