Sunday, January 29, 2006

Winter in Denmark....ooh, aahh

Well, as turns out we were right to assume that we didn't need to bring winter jackets to Denmark. I think the coldest that it's gotten here is -5, whereby everyone thinks it's FREEZING and we just laugh and think of how cold it used to be in Kingston. Yesterday I went for a walk with some friends in the deer park near the sea. Somehow it came up that everyone was wearing two pairs of pants. Everyone was shocked to find out that at ~0 degrees Celcius I was only wearing one pair of jeans! Hilarity!

That's not even getting into the snow part...So far it's snowed 3 times this winter. The first time it snowed here, we were in Holland so we didn't actually get to experience it. The last two times were in the past two weeks and each time couldn't have yielded more than 10-20cm of snow. Well as it turns out, snow is a HUGE deal here - the trains stopped running, the airport closed and people were urged not leave their homes to go to work. And there we were thinking that we'd only use the trains to go to DTU in bad weather. Apparently our backup plan is a failure...I think we'll just take our bikes.

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Bernard said...

It's currently +6 in Kingston. I go running in in t-shirts and shorts in the morning. I love global warming.