Sunday, December 11, 2005


A 'JuleFrokost' is literally a 'Christmas Lunch.' However, it is often held in the evening, so it would more appropriately called a 'Christmas Dinner.' Or, more appropriately still, a 'Chance to get drunk at your company's expense.' People get very drunk.
To avoid having drunks driving home, the train service is extended until 4am. Below is an advertisement for the service extension. The purple characters are the mascots for the public transit system, and some of them obviously enjoyed themselves too much at their 'JuleFrokost.'

Christmas is a very big deal here, and there are JuleMarkeds (Craft Bazaars) everywhere, even in Christiania. Continuing our tradition of weekend visits to Christiania, yesterday we went Christmas shopping. The market was full of hippies selling their wares. There were interesting recycled decorations, 'Free Tibet' books, and warm beer. Rather surprisingly, the quality of these items was very good and there were many stalls with regular goods - hats, jackets, shirts, furs, etc.
We are going to spend Christmas with Marieke's relatives in Holland, but we have decorated our apartment a bit. We bought a small Christmas tree (fern) and made traditional Danish decorations. We even have Christmas stockings and some presents. We've posted some Christmas Photos.
Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår.

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