Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kultur Natten

Kultur Natten (Culture Night) is an annual event in Copenhagen. With the purchase of a pass, you get free entry to museums, palaces and many other buildings. There is a huge variety of things to do, all over the city. There are special exhibits, shows, tours, performances and access to some areas that are usually not open.

We visited:
  • a submarine - it looked huge from the outside, but was so cramped inside (how surprising)
  • a frigate - Marieke loved the industrial-sized kitchen
  • the parliament buildings - where we had a very entertaining explanation of Danish politics: "We are all Vikings, you know." Our guide explained why they don't have a senate, "since two chambers are less efficient" and apologized for only having 30% women in parliament.
  • ruins beneath the King's palace - lit with small candles everywhere, and narrated in completely-incoherent Danish (for us at least)
  • a Swing Dancing performance
  • a sculptures museum, with all interior lights off, lit entirely by spotlights from outside
  • a "recycled" art exhibit

It was all very interesting, and it seemed like everyone in Denmark comes to Copenhagen for this one night. Click here to see our pictures.

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