Wednesday, September 07, 2005

An explanation of Danish culture – Roundball

We were taught this game during my Introduction week at DTU, in order to explain a bit about Danish culture.

Roundball is like baseball, except:

  • the bases are closer
  • you hit a tennis ball
  • you hit with a huge paddle
  • the ‘pitcher’ lightly tosses the ball to the hitter. He cannot strike you out. After three attempts, you are allowed to walk to first base.
  • there can be more than one person per base, so you don’t have to run if someone hits poorly.
  • you are ‘out’ if someone catches the ball, or if your ball first lands in the out-of bounds area (a ‘foul’ ball), or if you are off-base when the pitcher has the ball.

The secret to the game (that everyone knows) is to aim your ball so that it lands in-bounds but rolls as far as possible out-of-bounds (where no catchers can stand before you hit). Then, you can run around a few bases, before anyone can get to the ball.

After the ball is hit, and returned to the pitcher, the discussions begin:

  • did the ball land out-of-bounds?
  • was anyone off-base when the ball was returned to the pitcher?
  • how many people crossed 4th base?
  • how many ‘outs’ does your team now have?
  • what is the new score?

This is the real demonstration of Danish culture, as the score of the game is reached by consensus between both teams.

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