Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keeping in touch

Right now we've still got to figure out communication logistics. Apparently NOBODY has landlines in Denmark. So we're pretty much going to have to get a cellphones (which I swore I'd never get)¨and only use internet at school. We'll have to see how common things like MSN are on public computers. Getting TV is pretty much out of the question since prices here are astronomical (which I don't really mind anyway since I'm not really a huge TV watcher in the first place).

Anyway, we were hoping to get all of our friend's addresses (even though they're probably temporary. We're signed up with that "keeping-in-touch" website Bebo (http://www.bebo.com/invite/5452460a1026617b) so it'd be awesome if you signed up your address too. If you really have something against using "yet-another-keeping-in-touch" website, just email us your mailing address. An incentive for either signing up your address or emailing it to us? You'll get a lovely postcard all the way from Danmark. Hope to hear from you.


Mel said...

Hi Marieke and Anthony
Great website -lots of info on your life in Denmark
Marieke I have the same picture of Mom taken in New Harbour(english translation-I think)when we were on our honeymoon in 1978.

Take care,

hippyhate4life said...

hey dad guess what your an asshole, but marieke and anthony, your website site sucks balls, why arent you better at making websites? and being nerds in general asshole,